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Keshia aka "creativelykey"


I've been the corporate girl, the arts academy founder, the footlocker employee, the traveling dance minister and now full-time business owner(talk about breaking boxes). And if there's one thing I can highlight through it all, there's a difference between building something on your own and building something with God. I've done it my way and I've done it HIS way. My faith in God has been tested, dropped, and sometimes absent. However, I've seen the beauty of taking a leap with a little and God turning it into MUCH much more than a girl could think of.   This is why I am so passionate about Branding God's way and helping visionaries get their vision out of their head and into the earth. 

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[it all points to God.]



Ya girl had her dreams after getting a bachelors in Marketing,  of  working at google. I wanted to be a senior executive and retire in a fancy building on the 27th floor with glass windows overlooking the city! But after that degree God called me to break the box again and start a nonprofit called Stir Up The Gift Arts Academy, where we trained young people to get to know God deeper through the arts. While that happened, I got my Masters In Leadership and became an ordained minister. God's voice has always been real to me throughout my journey and has led me to do things such as plan a conference in 30 days that gathered over 150 creatives from different states. I had only enough money to pay the graphic designer at the time God  gave me the vision, and ended up with a $10,000 fully funded conference.  I have stories for days on how He has led me to build things, but we'll be here all day. Every time I pivoted, he was with me. The point is this: my creative journey points to God. My business journey points to God. Everything I every build will always point to him, because he's the key! 


While God was in the breaking boxes business, He also brought me my amazing husband and our new baby girl. If you work with me, I'm sure she'll make an appearance at some point. And a few last things that I'll tell ya is that Chic-Fil-A and Starbucks are my jam. I'm not an addict, I just can't live without Jesus and those two places :). In my free time that I don't really have, I like to do random home decor projects and rearrange my house monthly. I look forward to connecting with you and learning about your journey too. 


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